Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shoulder relocation - Amateur hour!

Sounds like most people have seen the website Great videos, instruction, etc. Can't recommend it enough.

But, frankly, after I've sweated and worked to reduce a shoulder using the Kocher, or Milch, or whatever procedure, and it's going nowhere, watching those videos makes me feel like a chump. Cunningham just waves his hands over the glenohumeral joint, like some sort of Australian Yoda, and Pop! Right back in.

Seriously, how can he do that?! Well, I'm working my way there, but I'm still in the realm of the Padawan, nowhere near Jedi level. So, for some ego-reinforcement, I turned to YouTube! A number of plucky DIY-ers have filmed their own approaches to shoulder reduction, and our self-esteem, if not our board-scores, stand to benefit form viewing their efforts.

In this first, it looks like the "friends" are about to apply the Spaso technique.
Ah, no.

Next, we have another example of the "maybe if we yank harder and faster" technique. The still from 0:03 tells you all you need to know about the context of the therapeutic maneuvers.
Beer? Video camera? No dislocation apparent? Go for it!

Okay, 1 last example of the "Martin Riggs" technique:
Enough negativity. You already feel that you're probably better at shoulder relocation than an inebriated crowd of adolescent males. But here are a few examples of gettin' 'er done that ought to make us feel a little humble!

This guy, likely very experienced and knowledgeable, talks hi friends through a Milch reduction:

This guy isn't quite so astute, but he gets the results he needs:

Again, the yanking. What the frak?

Lastly, this is my all-time favorite. "They just saw it on YouTube!" The reductionists start off with a brief stab at external rotation, segue into a Milch, and then, in a nod to the OG, finish off with a Hippocratic maneuver!
I like the backwards ball cap - I'm calling this the "Bro technique." Let's not try this at the "port next time you're down there!

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